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Seneca Lake
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Sediment Data

Choose the date range for which you want to retrieve data.
Start Date: calendar
End Date: calendar
Choose the deployments for which you want to retrieve data.
Choose the data fields you want to retrieve.
Metadata fields are fields in which there is only a single value per trap and thus will be repeated many times if selected.
In addition to those checked, the deployment name, reading ID, event number, start time and stop time are also returned.
total mass (mg)    total mass flux (mg m-2 d-1)
particulate organic carbon flux (mg m-2 d-1)    particulate organic nitrogen flux (mg m-2 d-1)
CaCO3 flux (mg m-2 d-1)    lithogenic flux (mg m-2 d-1)
organic molar (C:N)    δ13 Com (‰,VPDB)
δ15 Nom (‰,Air)    δ13 Ccte (‰,VPDB)
δ18 Octe (‰,VPDB)    mean grain size (μm)
% sand (%)    % silt (%)
% clay (%)   
Metadata Fields:
start temp (°C)      stop temp (°C)
start tilt (°)      stop tilt (°)
trap name      depth of instrument
deployment description
View on screen returns the results formatted as a table for convenient on-screen viewing.
Choose CSV file and then use your browser's "Save As" feature to save the data in a format suitable for importing into Excel or other programs.
Output Format:
view on screen    CSV file
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All data is provisional unless otherwise indicated.
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