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Seneca Lake
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SiteLatitudeLongitudeWater DepthNotes

B42° 50.836'76° 57.691'20mconfiguration of instruments varies
D42° 49.241'76° 57.650'55m
H42° 48.152'76° 57.442'80m
FE42° 46.444'76° 57.077'110m
AC42° 45.758'76° 57.926'40m
G42° 45.747'76° 58.049'20m
Y42° 49.13'76° 57.61'55mClark Point buoy

Instrument Details

Sediment trapsMcLane PARFLUX 78H-21
Doppler profilersAanderaa Data Instructions RDCP-600
Temperature recordersRBR Ltd TR-1060
Clark Point buoy YSI EMM-2500 buoy platform with cellular modem communications
  • meteorological sensors: wind speed & direction, relative humidity, air temperature, barometric pressure, light intensity
  • YSI 6600-D water quality logger: depth, temperature, conductivity, turbidity, chlorophyll-a
All data is provisional unless otherwise indicated.
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