buoy in the lake  

Owasco Lake
Water Quality Buoy

Current Conditions


Date:5:05pm EDT 6/17/18
Air Temperature:30.1°C (86.1°F)
Barometric Pressure:991.1 mbars
Relative Humidity:42.7%
Light Intensity:599 watts/m2
Wind Speed:1.7 m/s (3.8 mph)
Wind Direction:264.3° (W)
wind speed and direction for the last day

Water Quality

Date:12:01pm EDT 6/17/18
Water Temperature:18.2°C (64.7°F)
Reading Depth:1.1 m
water quality: most recent profile


Date:12:01pm EDT 6/17/18
Sonde Voltage:6.4 v
Buoy Power:11.2 v
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